Zensitive-schooling is meant for Noora’s students who

    • have already participated at least one open course
    • have the will to continue deeper on this path
    • seek no tricks but wider perspecive
    • are motivated to possibly step out of some old patterns

The group consists of about 10 people who all commit themselves to have a journey of 4 courses during about one year with their group. That way all members can rely on the fact that the familiar group stays around them for understanding and supporting each one’s individual journey.


Sensitivity and wider awareness

Our first focus is to:

  • learn to understand the very subtle and sensitive comminication of horses
  • find on the physical and emotional level trusting connection which will strengthen and guide both the horse and us.
  • go deeper into bodyawareness, which also means living in the moment, opening our senses, listening to our feelings and resting in ourselves.

Wise leadership & guidance

We grow towards and practise the position of responsibility and guidance.
Demanding our own wishes is not leading, it’s just demanding. But if we stay passive the guidance, teaching and inner and outer growth the horse and man can get from each other, will not take place either.

To become a trustworthy guide/ leader we must already in the early level be able to:


* carry ourselves mentally and physically
* stay calm even when the horse can’t
* set borders with warm certainty
* guide and support patiently
* act from unselfishness and dignity



‘Push or be pushed’-attitude doesn’t belong to the leadership of real strength.We want to encourage the horse towards his strength without anyhow putting down his dignity.

The power of the group

Walking this path in a group is important and strong; we

  • learn from witnessing and sharing other’s paths
  • learn to share and express our emotions more openly
  • get and give support for each other.

Between the courses group members have also been sharing thoughts and feelings with each other, either actively or just here and then, but knowing that understanding people are around when wanting to ask or share something.



Decisions together

We discuss with each group:

* where the courses will be held
* the course dates
* how often each person’s horse will come along on the courses;

 4 (-5) horses is the limit per course;  horses of participants or even other people. Zensitive-group members don’t need to have or bring their own horse.

Each group member will way or another interact with 1-2 horses at each course – yet always taking care of the needs and the well-being of the horse as the first priority.



There’s a lot more focus on each person’s individual bodyawareness than on open courses. Through bodyawareness we can become aware of the signals that -wanted or not- are transmitted  to others, of quiet mind and of our real inner strength.

We seek back our natural poisture and movement; they activate the parts of our body which are made to carry us with peace and dignity, without exhausting the wrong parts.

This way we learn to carry ourselves not only physically but also mentally; an absolutely necessary and important matter when interacting honestly with horses.


Groups and possibilities

In January 2012 three (3)  Zensitive-groups started and in July and August 3 more groups start, all in different parts in Finland.


If you  want to show your interest or you have a wish with realistic possibilities for creating a group on your area, you can send me e-mail. (See the part ‘Contact’)


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