What will be done in the clinics?

I believe that all living creatures, deep inside, want to be seen as they truly are and to be positively helped to grow towards their personal potential. 

Horses invite us to see and strengthen the dignity, depth and warmth that lies in the true nature of both horses and us humans.



The fundament is to understand and recognize the true nature of the horse and the human, also behind possible protective or ambitious layers, and to allow and encourage open, authentic expressing.

Through this, an honest and soft cooperation can start to be formed; togetherness in which both the horse and the human present


            • inner and outer balance
            • softness with clearness
            • joy and lightness
            • openness
            • mental and physical readiness for their tasks

It’s horses’ nature to ask questions from us. It’s our responsibility to radiate aware and wise answers, not to punish the horse from asking.


Practical steps are very individual and vary a lot between different people, horses and times. The steps change like we change, there is no repetative method or trick.

An important step may be to help the horse, or human, to overcome for example: withdrawal, hard/ unsensitive attitude, fear or wrong kind of leadership. Then a totally different example will be shown instead.

We should look at the ‘whole picture’ as much as possible and find the answers there. Yet, sometimes just a little practical detail can already create a big difference.


It’s important that selfish wishes or ambitions are not leading us; they makes us blind. Sincerity and authenticity should be the leader of our path every moment.


We absolutely don’t force the horse to live with two choices: do as we say or have uncomfortable time. To earn the position of a deeply understanding and supporting guide, leader, and to get the respect from the horse with dignified and honest means is a different road; and that’s the road we walk.



The more the horse and the person learn to express themselves openly, the more there can be happiness of learning together. But:

Nothing is ever just ‘doing’; if we set our mind too fixed on something our view narrows and we start to lack wide awareness, soft eyes, calm breathing and understanding in heart. All mentioned matters are the fundament for trusting connection with a horse.

Eyes and heart open towards the world, horse and ourself.


Whatever we ‘do’ is therefore a different form of true presence and guidance; being. True presence is not just a goal but a starting point which we’ll start to expand to everything we do.



While staying calm and aware we do have to learn to focus; the horse may need all our dedication, calmness and guidance.

Integrity and certainty can be our truth even if we have some fear and uncertainty in us too. With awareness and recognition we can grow to inner balance and have the strength to choose.


Trying to insist that there’s no uncertainty inside of us is not strength. Emotions are not a matter of decicion but recognition, understanding and dealing.



The path  goes through situations which are not overchallenging but which invite us to widen up and learn more. This truth applies to both humans and horses.



The importance of bodyawareness when being with horses is remarkable and it’s an important part of the clinichs, although on open courses its part is still limited.

When there’s enough time and when circumstances support it, bodyawareness gets more time and focus in the clinic. In special bodyawareness courses and with familiar groups it’s possible to take more time for this important subject.




Participants themselves are best in describing the feelings from the courses, so feedbacks can be found in the page ‘Reflections’. Here is also an article from student Laura, published in a membership magazine of a horse organization I.H.Ahaa in Finland, presenting her experiences from many courses.



 Membership magazine of I.H.Ahaa, summer 2011
Translation: Pia Sarin-Pylvänäinen

Noora’s clinic opened a door to a totally different approach. Meetings with a horse in a clinic were exactly what I had longed for a long time; cooperation and mutual interaction. For years I had asked, without question, horses to work for me and now I finally felt that I was able to give something back to them. Once I stepped onto this road, there is no going back.

So, what is that people do at Noora’s clinics? Sometimes it has been surprisingly difficult to answer this question. It is very personal experience and personal journey in which deep emotions and thoughts are processed. Every one of us has our own feelings: fears, experiences and joys. Each participant deals with them in his/her own way and depth.

For an outsider some moments may look that very little concrete is done with the horse. The essence is being; we should be present in this moment with ourselves and our hoses with all our heart and thoughts. We should not worry the past nor the future. In the clinics the aim is to find this feeling in group discussions and practical exercises and above all, with horses.

The communication between a human and a horse is built on self-discovery, here and now. Only then can horse touch us, to rely on us; on his fair and safe guide. When this simple-sounding, but still so difficult basic pillar is there, there are no borders; a human that is present and self-confident can start to do almost anything with a horse. When they both are present together, by listening and understanding each other, the technical difficulties will disappear and the dance of life can begin.

This is what I have myself experienced in Noora´s clinic, moments that are difficult to experience. Moments when time stops and word around seem meaningless. It is just us, I and the horse, side by side. Still being aware of the world around us and the beauty in it.

Listening to myself and being present in my body helps me also in my daily life in which the inner voice seems to disappear in surrounding noises and rush. Why should I be present only when being with horses? I have started to understand that being present is important in all situations. Roasting blindly towards my dreams without listening to my body, then I may never get there.

Noora’s clinics have therefore not only affected my desire to be with horses by listening to them and having mutual interaction, but also other areas of my life. By learning to accept myself and by being present in my body, I can improve my own well-being. Life is not about being present part time. We should listen to our heart, body and environment everywhere, not just with horses. In this respect the horses are the best teachers.

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